Friday, April 17, 2009

Just for Mr Anon

You seem to be struggling to follow the conversation and facts in the comments section so i have outlined the facts for you here...

  • You call me a £2 punter, I tell you to pick any race and i will post my stakes (£50) but with a disclaimer that in some markets i only manage to get slightly less matched but usually at least £25 - RESULT: FAILURE TO PICK A RACE
  • After a bit of abuse, you say you could kick the fcuk out of me. I ask for your details to pass on to a respected MMA promotor. RESULT: FAIL, NO DETAILS PROVIDED
  • After yet more unimaginative abuse and unsubstantiated claims, a video was requested by me of you using £300 stakes in a market with less than £1500 matched to prove your claims of the market supporting these stakes for a consistent profit. RESULT: FAIL, YOU POST A VIDEO OF YOUR ACCOUNT STATEMENT - WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH £300 STAKES AND LOW LIQUIDITY RACES?

Overall result?

Tinerrz 3 - 0 Mr Anon

Three challenges, three fails. The challenge is still there to be accepted should you wish to save some pride - but then you refuse to put a name to your posts in true keyboard warrior style so i wont hold my breath.

P.S. I am now sorted out what i needed to do at lunch so will be trading the next hour before going out again at 3pm. Picking what hours to work is just one of the perks of trading im sure you are aware of.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To prove a point...

This will be my last post or comment but i just wanted to have a laugh at the anonymous muppet who thinks markets like this support £50 a video of you doing it consistently in these type of races and i will happily suck your cock - otherwise shut the fcuk up ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009


You jealous annonymous cunts! Go tell the dole, the taxman, the courts - do what you fcuking want. Trading is gambling. Gambling profit is untaxable. And the dole cant stop me till i have a bank of over £16k as long as im looking for work at the same time.

Big boy? Bigger than you, you jealous fcuks - at least i put myself out there to be shot. I'm trading with £50 stakes - but that makes me truely small fry in comparison to most - but where are your stakes and profits? - you cant even put a name to your abusive comments!

It amazes me that people who made the comments 11 & 12, managed to outswim a million other sperm. The world can be a cruel place - if it had been kind then you would have been in the load that dribbled down your mothers chin and you would have been saved from a life of bitterness and failure...c'est la vie!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This blog has come to an end. With being back in the UK i cannot afford to have my finances posted on the net. I was hoping that it would last for the duration of my adventure but it's just far too risky. I'll still be a regular poster on the racingtraders forum - as long as they'll have me.

Take care and green screens all....i will delete all trace of the blog on the 10th April.

Goodbye...thanks for reading.