Thursday, April 16, 2009

To prove a point...

This will be my last post or comment but i just wanted to have a laugh at the anonymous muppet who thinks markets like this support £50 a video of you doing it consistently in these type of races and i will happily suck your cock - otherwise shut the fcuk up ;)


  1. I can trade these markets, but I'd rather you didn't suck my cock. Theres plenty of other protein available for you! Good Luck!

  2. so you want a rumble then? name your races and we will see whos the daddy,i will provide video & screenshots,lets get it on i will make you look silly MUPPET

  3. I said these races cannot be traded with £50 stakes and my skill level - but i look forward to being shown how it's done!

    I will be trading every race as usual tomorrow and will be making a note of all the dog races with less than £1.5k matched on the fav with 20 secs to go.

    If you want to willy wave, video your days trading and post the resulting video on youtube.

    £50 stakes.
    Only races with less than £1.5k traded on the fav with 20 secs to go are eligable.
    Video must show grid with 20 secs to go and time.

    I will not be videoing my trading. I do not need prove my skill to level nor did i make unproven claims about my ability. My results have been posted on here for months. If you provide a video of tomorrows racing, showing an overall profit, taking into account only the races that fill the above criteria i will surely acknowledge your ability and will endeavor to learn something. Until then i stand by my claim that these races cannot CONSISTENTLY support £50 stakes. Until you prove otherwise i will also stand by my claim that you are a cunt.

    P.S. It'd be more entertaining if you varied your insults and used a little imagination ;)

  4. erm £50 trades i dont think so muppet,i will trade £300 stakes lets get it on then! i will trade all tomorrows cards we will decide who the muppet is on p&l

  5. get your screen shots ready! im going to shame you well up lmao dope head


  7. On races with less than £1.5k traded on the fav with 20 secs to go? I look forward to the lesson.

    You're still not being very creative with you're insults tho - maybe it's a lack of intelligence or maybe you are like F1 drivers. They are often considered dull and it has been said that it's down to the fact they can't get excited by the "normal" things in life after the addrenaline of driving. What's your excuse for your lack of imagination? A room temperature IQ possibly?

  8. just get your screen shots ready! i wanna see p&l for your days trading.prepare to be shamed lol

  9. I fail to see how it will shame me. At what point did i claim to be successful or a big fish? I claimed these markets with less than £1.5k matched could not be traded with my skill level and trading style - at least not with £50 stakes...but that if you picked any race i would post my stakes to refute the £2 punter claim. You failed to pick a race...

    There are some things that are strikingly obvious (unless you juicestorm'd it). You can obviously trade but you also seem a little bitter, some might even say jealous? God must have been cruel to you in the trouser dept or maybe you have a stutter, AIDS or are just a result of an unfortunate night of incest?

    There has to be a reason behind your strange obsession...

  10. I can smell pussy........pussy get back to the crack house Bitch,giving advise to other people,making out you know what your doing lmao,do us all a favour and talk your bullshit to people who aint got a clue!

  11. Erm there aint been no advice on this blog EVER. I have pointed out several emotional points. I have also pointed out the struggle i've had with daily targets. But NEVER advice on trading strategy. Firstly, giving away your edge is a trick only a fool like you would consider. Secondly, i don't have an edge that hasn't been better explained and even videod elsewhere by others far more skillful than me. I am sure people who read this blog did so not because of any advice they could gleem but because it was an honest and accurate account of my struggle not only to trade but with my life in India.

    Let me ask you a question - how much do you weigh?

  12. i weigh 13stone and i would kick the fuck out of you

  13. 82kgs tubby? Maybe i got an offer for you but before that - name, age, location? That last comment could be worth 82kgs of gold!

  14. do i need an offer off you (nope) tinhead just get back to talking shit on forums and i will listen to u lol mayb be your best friend hehe idiot

  15. hmmmm another keyboard warrior without the charisma to make me laugh nor the balls to make me shut my mouth.

    i may enjoy the odd bong, even a jack and jill and a line occasionally but i certainly dont make idle threats.

    You on the other hand are proof that the tinternet keyboard warrior who runs his mouth but couldn't kick the fcuk out of a kitten with its paws tied together is alive and well...shame really...70kgs would have made an awsome catch weight and great motivation and focus for the next few months. We could have got on a show in L'pool, Wales or London in Sept/Oct but with cotton wool balls i understand your fears ;)

  16. whats it feel like not to have your own house,car money in the bank,shit credit history! ask tinhead he will tell you!i look forward to reading more of your shit,sorry to hear you lost £70 quid today on a greyhound,think i nicked that off you ;)

  17. Shamed? I think that you have now proven yourself to not only lack the intelligence to have a witty bit of banter, but also to be a pussy and unable to back up your threats. A proud keyboard warrior - im sure your mum tells you your great. She tells me im great all the time ;)

    As for not having a house or car - i fcukin love the freedom - why you ask? I've had the fast expensive modified car and the fancy batchalors pad - and I've also lived in brazil and india. I have achieved almost every dream i have set out to achieve and continue in pursuit of what makes ME happy. Granted my credit rating took a battering while in India but that is only a few months from being levelled...and then what? Get a house/car like you seem to believe is everyone's dream? - if id wanted the house and car i would have made different choices in life. Im happy with my lot but can you say the same? Your bitterness and jealousy shines bright through your comments.

    P.S. It wasn't £70, it was £80 :)

  18. If your gunna video your days trading i'll defo watch it (as will others, im sure) but i got a bit of a family emergency this morning so won't be able to keep a record of which races im interested in watching you trade (under 1.5k matched). I will be noting those races with low liquidity this evening tho and tomorrow, sunday and monday so you have plenty of opportunities to prove your point ;)

    Thanks for the screenshot y'day - it proves sweet FA as im sure you're aware - juicestorm or photshop? Not saying your lying - just saying that only a fool believes screenshots - video's on the other hand are irreffutable.

    Im sure you will have more than me interested if you can CONSISTENTLY trade races with less than £1.5k matched on the fav using £300 stakes - lets face it - you will be responsible for almost 100% of the money matched - and if you can consistently show a profit doing that we will all be impressed - even the big boys like Mikey B, Adam H, & Peter W - the REAL big fish you obviously would like to be compared to - £3k a month is nice sure but fcuk all when compared to these guys.

    The point is i never claimed to be a big fish - you have - stupidity knows no boundries tho - most people learnt the lesson that "there will always be someone better/worse than you" before they even entered primary school - it seems some (you) havent learnt this lesson by adulthood.

    We await your video of £300 trades in a £1.5k matched market - not putting in £300 trades and getting £20 or £50 but actually trading the £300 - Good luck - i actually hope you are successful because id like to learn how to match almost 100% of the market and make money - it cant be done imo - you can spoof/force the market in a particular direction with £300 sure - but you wont get the whole £300 matched - and that imo isnt trading with £300 - your trading stake is what gets matched.

    As an eg for anyone reading this apart from Mr Anon, who is unclear about what he is claiming...

    E.g. BACK £300 @ 4.0 (total matched £600)
    LAY £300 @ 3.95 (total matched £600)


  19. i can smell pussy emergency my arse,your just a coward and as i suggested a £2 trader! i wont wast my time with muppets like you anymore,you can fool newbies with your wit,but not people like me,Green screens everyone enjoy!