Friday, April 10, 2009


You jealous annonymous cunts! Go tell the dole, the taxman, the courts - do what you fcuking want. Trading is gambling. Gambling profit is untaxable. And the dole cant stop me till i have a bank of over £16k as long as im looking for work at the same time.

Big boy? Bigger than you, you jealous fcuks - at least i put myself out there to be shot. I'm trading with £50 stakes - but that makes me truely small fry in comparison to most - but where are your stakes and profits? - you cant even put a name to your abusive comments!

It amazes me that people who made the comments 11 & 12, managed to outswim a million other sperm. The world can be a cruel place - if it had been kind then you would have been in the load that dribbled down your mothers chin and you would have been saved from a life of bitterness and failure...c'est la vie!


  1. The £2 trader strikes is revenge lol,digging holes for pennys ;-)injection heroin with is wages!what a loser sucking is money of the govermentto feed is addiction.£50 trades my arse everyone ive spoke to says ur a loser,but keep your subscription up son lol

  2. Still anonymous? Pick a race, any race and i'll post my stakes - sometimes the market only supports £25 but still - any to do the same you muppet?

  3. And just for the record, 10 years of working and paying taxes entitles me to claim the dole for a few months with no guilt. :)

  4. Fuck those idiots. Do what you think is best.

    Turn comments on for registered users / moderate them.

    So you still sticking around for a little longer.

  5. sometimes the market only supports £25----------==============Muppet

  6. Ok, i will try to make this simple because you appear to lack intelligence.

    If i put £50 in the market and it gets matched - how much is matched in total? Yes that's right - £100 (£50 of mine and £50 from someone else). Now if i want to scalp two ticks then that doubles, i.e. BACK @ 4.1, LAY @ 4.0, BACK @ 3.85, LAY @ 3.8 - correct?

    So a race goes off at 18.28, the next race is 18.33 but the 18.28 goes off late....there is only £1000 matched 3 of the 6 dogs. So if you attempt £50 trades then with each trade (BACK & LAY) you will be responsible for 10% of the money matched on that dog - and that in my opinion is enough of a reason to reasonably argue that the market doesn't support £50 trades.

    I dont expect you to undertand what i've just said but it doesnt matter because you don't really need to understand it to trade - it is obvious how much a market will support by the numbers on your screen...BUT if you dont want to look foolish then need to understand it or you could take the obvious option and STFU :)

  7. Just to add - before you come back and argue whether a market is one dog or all six. It's one dog for the purpose of trading - yeah ok i could back/lay the other 5 if they have liquidity but you do that in the last 20 secs before the race, video it and we'll all watch you truely superb trading ability. Remember we are talking about races with <£2k matched on the fav at the off...

    No-one without truely amazing trading ability would be as stupid as to critisize someone unless they could do better and prove it - would they?

    Or maybe we have just unearthed another keyboard warrior who strikes with the venom of a butterfly and the imangination of a mcain oven chip?